8two5 is the dynamic duo of Brett and Amanda Amey. After several years of working independently, the two decided to combine their design efforts (and their lives in wedded bliss) on August 25th, 2013. From there 8two5 was born, specializing in handcrafted web and print design for both social stationery and corporate branding.
Here at 8two5, we get it. You’re busy taking care of business from 8-to-5. So how about you let us design it for you? Whether it’s a new website, a fresh coat of paint on your existing website, branding and marketing materials, or hand-printed invitations and stationery; we’re here to get it done. We’re all about making your life easier and your business more successful.
8two5 Web Design

Web Design

8two5 creates affordable handcrafted websites both simple and elaborate, and can handle all of your web needs. We can build you a new site from scratch and provide you with hosting services, all while working within a budget that is pleasing to your wallet. We have many years of experience building sites that are simple or elaborate, user friendly, responsive, and optimized for search engines all while being beautifully designed.

8two5 Print Design

Print Design

From brochures and posters to books, newsletters, and invitations, we can do it all! 8two5 is highly experienced in creating logos & building brand recognition. Our depth of experience allows us to offer a broad range of services, while our individualized approach mean we can tailor packages to each client’s needs. Amanda & Brett are skillfully trained in the fine art of letterpress & silkscreen printing and love the added quality of a hand printed object. Drop us a line and we can discuss which combination of services will help bring your visions and goals to life.


Amanda has grown accustomed to winning awards and recognition both locally and nationally, from being named “Best in Show” during her 8th grade art exhibition to having her design selected as the winner of the American Jobs Act Artworks Competition. Let her skills bring winnings for you, too!


Brett first got access to the internet in the early ’90s at the tender age of 12. Not one to waste time, he taught himself how to code and designed his first website less than a year later “just for fun”, complete with animated GIFs and scrolling text. His passion for good design borders on obsession and he is a perfectionist until the very end.


Dr. Piérre TinyCat, M.D. is 8two5’s in-house physician & psychiatrist, with the ability to sooth the bad mood out of just about anyone. He keeps morale high by occasionally distracting us from our computer screens by walking on keyboards, drinking from our water glasses and sitting directly in front of the monitor.